A Collective Artisan Experience

The Mission

Provide a Safe & Secure, User Friendly, Esthetically Pleasing, Selling & Shopping Marketplace supporting Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Small & Micro Businesses & Non-Profits composed of a variety of Artisans located in the USA,  Merchandising  Quality  Handcrafted goods and Services

The Vision

Exceed Technical Relevance and Social & Environmental Responsibility when Connecting Community through Advertising, Marketing & Networking while Maintaining Transparent Customer Service and Authentic Experiences at the Forefront.

Trust & Integrity

Trust is the foundation of building lasting relationships and customer loyalty. Our team works hard to exceed expectations with transparency, certainty and reliability. Shop owners have a responsibility to their customers to uphold our communication policies of kind, honest, and transparent interactions and transactions.


Accessibility means that all people can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with electronic information and be active, contributing members of the digital world. Thrift Boutiques uses the latest technology and strives to provide access to all. Please Contact Us if there are any issues navigating the site. 

Social Responsibility

With the low costs of the membership options, shop owners keep 100% of their profits. TB does not take any commissions or posting fees.

10% of total membership dues are donated annually to Non-Profits voted on by shop owners.

Boutiques operated by small Non-Profit Organizations serving local communities’ needs are invited to open a shop “on the house”, no membership fees required. 


Thrift shopping and buying sustainable brands on resale is considered to be part of the “slow fashion” movement that strives to fight the ongoing environmental damage caused by the fast fashion industry. Thrifting reduces the demand for new products and the waist that ends up in the landfills.

Direct customer shipping 5%

Who We Are

Co-Founded by ~mother & daughters~ entrepreneurial enthusiasts passionate about supporting people doing what they are meant to do. We value affordable access to quality marketing, networking, and advertising. Our goal is to share knowledge about the industry, provide inclusive micro & small business support, and offer selling & posting advice, all for educational and entertainment purposes. 

What We Do

We are a Collective Marketplace of Individuals, Small & Micro Businesses & Non-Profits clothing, accessories, & shoes resale shop. We provide a collaborative thrifting experience, shop dashboard, profile page, analytical reports, monthly newsletters, and a members only “Fashion Talk” forum. 

Fashion Talks

Our team holds live “members only” Q&A forums with professional guest speakers where we answer questions, address concerns, and listen to feedback & ideas. The forum features new monthly topics related to the fashion & resale industry.

Fashion is Artistic Expressions of the Soul

Our Team

Kaylee Fritz

Operations Manager

Jayla Campbell


Fisher Garrison

Marketing Manager

Brynn Marshall

Chief Financial Office

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