Thrift Boutiques' Rules,

Policies, & Protocols

Please Read The Following Terms and Conditions Carefully

TB strives for shop owners and customers to have fun, engaging and successful selling & buying experiences! Below are guidelines that boutiques and customers agree to follow when posting and selling items.


Boutique Shop Owners

In order to create and maintain a safe & secure environment, boutique shop owners are verified. The Verification process is required before shops “go live.” The tab “Get Verified” is on the Dashboard.


In order to create and maintain integrity, trust, and transparency, posted items are approved by the TB Team. We do our best to maintain accuracy of products listed but it is the Shop Owners’ and Customers’ responsibility to complete their due diligence and follow through with providing and receiving verification and authenticity of items.  


Thrift Boutiques Name & Brand

The Thrift Boutiques, TB, TB Exclusives, and TB Designs names and logos are trademarked and may only be used with prior written permission. 

Fashion Brands

Thrift Boutiques is not affiliated with any brands except for TB Designs of refurbished styles. 

The sale of counterfeits and unauthorized replicas of branded products are illegal and prohibited on Thrift Boutiques. Items that have trademarks or tags but are unofficial and not made by the designer are prohibited. If you can not verify and prove authenticity, these items are not permitted to be sold on Thrift Boutiques. Brands and Companies’ names, logos, or trademarks are only allowed to be added to items through “Add New Item” page in Titles, Item Descriptions, Photographs and attached Brand Categories. Shop owners are not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed with these brands so you are not allowed to advertise or represent company’s brand identities on Thrift Boutiques or linked social media accounts as so. Shop Owners are solely responsible for following their location’s state and national laws and regulations.

Selling Items

Boutique Perks

With the TB Membership of Your Choice You Keep 100% of Your Sales!

No Commissions! No Posting Fees! Ever!!!

 *The Third Party Payment Gateway, Stripe Express and Shipping Options are separate fees & expenses that are not affiliated with Thrift Boutiques. Please See Payment Gateway & Shipping Options Sections.


>Boutique Shop Owners decide how payment gateway & shipping expenses are paid. ie. to split or not to split customer credit card fees and shipping expenses.

> Each Boutique is encouraged to have their own Promotions, Giveaways, and Offer Discounts at Anytime!

>Create coupons for your customers from your dashboard in the “Coupons” tab.

>Share your sales, giveaways, and promotions on your social media to bring more traffic to your shop, don’t forget to copy & paste the unique link for direct access to your shop and products!

>Connect your shop and products directly to your social media posts by opening Your Shop Page or Your Single Product and copy the URL. *Boom* there’s your direct link! Ex. Shop Link: (”your-shop-name”/) 

Product Link: (”your-product-title”/)

>Please read this link to a list of “Popular Selling Brands” that have a higher resale value. 

>Updates: Stay engaged in our monthly newsletter and calendar of events.

>Members Only, “Fashion Talks” is a live forum for Yearly & Featured members focused around current trends, hot topics, surprise guest speakers or field trips, and selling & listing advice. 

>Members are allowed to advertise, sell, or trade your own items through any method you decide. Please keep in mind that if you choose to do so, Thrift Boutiques is not responsible for any transactions that occur off site. 

>We at Thrift Boutiques are here to help you succeed! Please Contact Us if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Listing Items

>At this time Boutiques are allowed to only sell Women’s & Men’s clothing, accessories, & shoes. All fashion products are required to follow TB protocols.

>TB does not guarantee that your items posted will sell, but our top priority is getting your items out the door and into their new homes with ease.  

>Find “Add New Product” page through the “Product” tab on your dashboard, where you will title your item, load pictures, set value price & sale price, attach categories & attributes (color, size, occasion) and provide a detailed description. Please see “Help” tab on your dashboard for specific directions on important categories including: New With Tags, Seasonal Items, Genre Styles, and Color Board for more engaging & fun shopping experiences.


Selling Protocols

>Items must be in new or like new condition. To limit discrepancies and complaints, conditions, any damages or funky issues must be outlined to the best of your abilities in the product description and photographs.

>Items posted must have transparent descriptions and pictures of the exact item being sold. Use your own pictures! Reposts of photos from other retail sites are not allowed and is subject to copywrite laws. We offer tips of how to take ideal pictures for resale on our blog

>Attach appropriate categories to your items. There’s nothing more annoying for shoppers when they find products listed in wrong categories or tagged with incorrect brands. Shops will be suspended if items aren’t corrected in a timely manner. See Help Tab in vendor dashboard for Step-by-Step guides.

>High-End Brand items must have proof of purchase and be authenticated to be approved. There are no exceptions, if you can’t prove it, you can’t sell it on the Thrift Boutiques platform.  

>Customers are encouraged to flag items and report abuse if they have any concerns or encounter issues. Our team reviews the situation and notifies customer and shop owner of the outcome through email.  

>If boutique owners are in violation of these listing protocols, their shop will be temporarily suspended until issues are corrected or permanently disabled if problems persist; at the discretion of Thrift Boutiques. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that break the law, and/or those that do not follow TB policies, rules, and protocols. 

Payment Gateway

TB has no affiliation with the payment gateway, Stripe Express. We use their services to provide accurate and safe payment options for shop owners and customers. All payment fees are directly related to the third party service and as a shop owner, you decide how to split those fees. For your protection we have no access to any customer’s or shop owner’s banking information, we leave that up to the professionals at Stripe Express. They verify shop owners directly and provide a vast amount of protection within their service. Please Click on Link to Learn all about Stripe Express Policies. 

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